An enthusiastic host

To make sure our customers have a successful time at trade fairs in Nuremberg, we have revamped our Services unit. Our goal: To be the right contact person at NürnbergMesse for anything you need in the way of services.

Service with a system

NürnbergMesse and its Service Partners are digitally linked in a virtual organisation. That allows customer requests to be forwarded from any contact point to the right problem solver in real time.

Ein Kontakt viele Services
  • Service Hotline
    A central service number is available before, during and after the event.

  • Service Digital
    Customer requests are submitted by mail or in the digital customer portal (in future).

  • Service Point
    A physical location offering many additional services and service partners.

  • Service-Counter
    The classic service counter for visitors during the event.


What customers think

Services make all the difference. They’re a key component of trade fairs and conferences, and they’re a major factor for success. That is why NürnbergMesse has reorganised its Services unit to focus even more clearly on the customer.

Remo Zimmermann, Services unit head
Picture credit: Ute Wünsch
What were the main concepts for the refocus?

Aiming for service excellence, and our vision of always being a client’s first choice for their trade fair planning. A well organised, easy-to-understand service portfolio should enable our guests to find their bearings quickly and to easily get what they want out of their trade fair.

How does that benefit NürnbergMesse clients?

We are revising our guests’ whole customer journey, step by step. Just to take two examples: Our new one-click order function lets you change bookings more easily, and then there is our new digital advisor, the voice bot THEA. She is multilingual, available around the clock, and in many cases can completely eliminates wait time. In addition, now we record every customer request made during event operations centrally, and we can monitor those requests from our new Service Point to ensure that they get filled.

“Our guests are treated with the same respect and responsiveness by NürnbergMesse and its Service Partners that we’d expect from any dedicated host.”

Remo Zimmermann, Service unit head, NürnbergMesse

What new services have you set up?

Besides the examples I just mentioned to optimise the customer journey, we are also supporting changes in customer requirements. For example, with a remote trade fair booth, a booth structure that is set up so exhibitors can attend in-person trade fairs digitally, with no staff of their own. And our new green screen studio lets exhibitors extend their reach outward from the studio or their booth into the digital world: for instance, via NürnbergMesse’s digital platforms.

What’s the idea behind the Service Buddies staff?

It’s a simple idea. We are attentive, supportive, accessible hosts. A guest only needs to make a request once from us – no matter who they ask – and we will take charge until that request is filled.

Service Buddies is NürnbergMesse employees who want to go the extra mile to help customers out. They are all over the event area, and easy to identify. They proactively offer assistance for our guests.

The ServicePoint is the place to go for direct assistance at the event site.
Picture credit: NürnbergMesse / Heiko Stahl

High-quality services to meet all a customer’s needs

A strong network: NürnbergMesse customers have access to a large network of Service Partners, and can draw on those organisations’ years of experience working at trade fairs, conferences and events in Nuremberg.

When service comes to you
Service staff on the job

“Just pin on your service staff badge, and do something helpful for a guest.”

Viola Albrecht, Acquisition, Guest Trade Fairs & NürnbergConvention, NürnbergMesse

Creating memorable moments

Trade fair catering is a core concern when it comes to event services. That is why we have made our relationship with our catering Service Partner even closer, bringing Lehrieder into the NürnbergMesse Group as a subsidiary.

Lehrieder Event, Catering & Trade Fair Service
Picture credit: NürnbergMesse / Heiko Stahl
150 employees
50 years of experience
100 % NürnbergMesse Group
Picture credit: NürnbergMesse / Heiko Stahl
Picture credit: NürnbergMesse / Ralf Rödel


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